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Bidding on a Vehicle

 Any bidder or bidder’s guest must be registered in the office prior to entering   the  sale

Bidder’s are required  to submit a $500.00 cash deposit to receive a bidder’s badge

Each guest that accompanies a bidder is required to pay a $10.00 non  refundable entrance fee

Bidder’s will be held responsible for their guests while on the property

Guests are NOT allowed to bid during the auction

Bidder’s and guest’s badges must be worn and visible at all times

Individuals, after registering may enter the property at 5:00pm on sale nights to inspect vehicles for sale. Note – Vehicles may be started and driven around the back lot but must be positioned back to their original space.  If you are seen violating this rule or taking anything from the vehicles – you will forfeit your $500.00 deposit and be removed from the property.

All purchases must be made through the business office. Note: Anyone found doing a transaction outside will be asked to leave and banned from the auction.

In the event, the individual bids off a vehicle, the $500.00 deposit will be deducted from the total sale price of the vehicle.  If a vehicle is not bid on, individuals may redeem their $500.00 deposit by presenting their bidder’s badge and any guest’s badges for a refund.

Individuals that purchase a vehicle must pay in CASH only.  A third of the total purchase price including buyer’s fee and sales tax must be paid the night of the sale and the remaining balance by 12:00 noon the following day.

Vehicles sold with a red light are “As Is” – NO arbitration regardless of price

Vehicles sold with a green light and are over $2500.00 are sold “With a Drive.” Vehicles with a drive must be paid for before inspection.  Items for arbitration include: Engine (lower engine noise only), Rear End, and Transmission only.

Vehicles sold with a blue light and represented as TA (“Title Attached”) means that the title is not available at the time of the sale.  The seller has 45 days to produce the title. 

If an individual bids on a vehicle sold “With a Call,” the $500.00 deposit will be held until the seller accepts the bid.  If the bid is not accepted by the seller, the deposit will be refunded in full.